Taste of Barbados Heritage Tour: $65 USD

(Approx. 4 Hours)
Coconut Tours takes you through a cultural experience, showing you the historical side of Barbados's heritage.

 Our first stop is in Bridgetown, where you will visit the renowned National Hero Museum in the Parliament Buildings, where you can see Barbados's history in our rise against slavery and our fight for independence. Alongside a series of sculptures made by local artists. 

 Our next stop is the Barbados Museum which is a renovated British Military Prison erected in 1817. This guided tour will take you throughout the museum showing you some of their 500,000 artifacts followed by a walk around the Garrison Savannah where you will learn each building’s past and present usage. This guided tour/walk ends by the Clock Tower at the Main Guardhouse, here you will get to witness the Change of the Guard Ceremony, also known as the Change of the Sentry. 

 Our final stop is the Garrison Tunnels next to the George Washington's House. We hope that you enjoyed this sneak peek into Barbados’s rich culture and are inclined to see more…